Who is WCS?

Wagoner Christian School is a private Christian school that has been in the Wagoner Community since 1991.

Our purpose is to:

  • Provide students with Pre-K to 12th grade education.
  •  Encourage students to reach their individual potential and goals.
  •  Teach the Word of God.
  •  Send students into the world as productive members of society.

What does W.C.S offer?

Individualized and customized teaching which yields  better results in a caring and inspiring environment

  •  Small Class Sizes
  •  One on one attention
  •  High academic standards
  •  Caring teachers 
  •  Christian based education
  •  Music and the arts
  •  Year round school
  •  One week off every six weeks
  •  Open enrollment
  •  Concurrent College enrollment
  •  Individual courses for home-school students

What does W.C.S provide? 

W.C.S educates and nurtures students  academically, spiritually, and physically. At W.C.S, the faculty and staff are well equipped to address each of these  developing areas of the students’ lives. The school takes the responsibility to  develop students’ minds very seriously, while challenging their biblical worldview. Developing students’ skills in a holistic way is essential to helping them reach their God-given  potential. 

W.C.S has been helping students achieve their goals, by offering a low teacher/student ratio with one on one teaching available for all students. This has resulted in a 97% graduation rate, the pursuit of higher education, and scholarships have been offered to all of the graduating students, particularly over the past 11 years.

Come and Be Refreshed

W.C.S believes in a whole person approach to teaching and learning. This consists of spiritual and social  development, with particular emphasis on academic  excellence, music and the arts. Students are taught to sing, to play different instruments, and to be involved in all types of art.

Students are exposed to multi-sensory media, and a  variety teaching styles. Students are encouraged to work at their pace in the learning style that best fits their needs.


The Process

  1. Schedule an interview with our principal.
  2. Complete enrollment forms.
  3. Coordinate your payment plan.


Is Wagoner Christian School Accredited?

We are currently in the accreditation process. Although not completed our accreditation status has not affected students going on to higher education.

Does Wagoner Christian School provide college prep or AP class for high school level?

We encourage our students in their junior and senior years to take courses concurrently by enrolling at local colleges. They are also able to take V-tech courses.

What is the dress code?

Dress code is royal blue, white, or gray polo shirt with khaki pants, shorts or skirts (for girls). Hoodies and sweatshirts are permitted as long as they are solid and follow school color code.